Custom DNA sequencing

The following custom DNA sequencing services are offered in Avance Biosciences based on the type of samples to be sequenced and/or the techniques utilized. Avance Biosciences is a “custom” sequencing company and is specialized in offering a complete solution to customer needs.

Plasmid Sequencing

Plasmid DNAs are separated from cells and used as sequencing template to delineate the sequence of either the whole plasmid or that of a gene(s) of interest.

Amplicon Sequencing

PCR products of same gene(s) of interest on a cohort of samples are generated, purified, and sequenced. After analysis, sequence variations, such as SNPs, can be reported.

mRNA/cDNA Sequencing

RNA extracted from cell or tissue will be converted to cDNA, PCR amplified and sequenced for the purpose of verifying expressed transcript of a gene(s) of interest.

Shotgun Sequencing

Genomic DNA, or any DNA of large length, is randomly fragmented and then sub-cloned into a cloning vector. The subclones are random picked and sequenced. The sequence reads are then assembled to form contigs.


DNA sequencing is delineated through iterative rounds of primer design and sequencing.

Viral DNA/RNA Sequencing

Viral DNAs or RNAs are separated from viral particles followed by PCR or RT-PCR before sequencing reactions are performed.

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