Sequencing of expression construct

This high quality cGMP/GLP DNA and mRNA sequencing service is offered to satisfy regulatory requirements of identity and purity of cell lines used in drug development and manufacturing. Service is also offered at research grade.
Avance Biosciences will perform bi-directional DNA sequencing analysis for the expressed gene of interest using ABI Prism™ 3730xl DNA sequencers. Total RNA will be extracted from the test article followed by spectrophotometry quantitation and gel electrophoresis analysis.  PCR and sequencing primers will be designed as needed for overlapping coverage. Extracted RNA will be reverse transcribed and then PCR amplified.  Double stranded DNA sequencing reactions will be performed and sequencing results will be analyzed. The consensus sequence derived will be compared to the reference sequence provided by client.
  • A report with the following information will be delivered:
  • Trace data in electronic format
  • Consensus sequence
  • Comparison between consensus and reference sequence
  • Turn-around Time: 4 weeks
  • Features
  • Method is validated per ICH guidelines
  • Staff is experienced in offering both GMP and GLP genomic services
  • Professional project report is ready for regulatory submissions
  • Excellent customer service focuses on client communication
  • Price is competitive