Avance Biosciences provides a number of genotyping services based on state-of-the-art variant detection and SNP genotyping technologies. These services are offered both at the research grade level and under GLP or GMP regulations to support basic genomics research, drug development, and drug manufacturing.
Service Description
SNP Genotyping by Real-time qPCR Avance Biosciences will determine SNPs of targeted genes by conducting allelic discrimination assays using TaqMan® probes. Pre-designed or custom designed assays may be used.
STR/SSR Polymorphism Analysis Short tandem repeats (STRs) or simple sequence repeats (SSRs) are end-to-end repeats of short sequences (often 2-6 bp in length).  Fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis is offered to analyze sequence variants.
Genotyping by Sequencing Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions and deletions (indels), transitions and transversions, variable number tandem repeats, and homopolymers are evaluated using bidirectional Sanger DNA sequencing. Resequencing targeted regions is often used to discover SNPs and other polymorphisms.
Genotyping by NextGen Sequencing Targeted genome resequencing and deep sequencing for rare allelic variants are accomplished through next generation sequencing.


Leveraging its scientific staff’s extensive experience in DNA sequencing, quantitative PCR, and next generation sequencing, Avance Biosciences’ genotyping services offer solid science, fast turn-arounds, strict quality control and compliance, and first-class customer service to clients around the world.

  • Research-grade and GLP/GMP-grade options
  • Predesigned assays or custom assays validated under ICH guidelines
  • Experienced scientists functioning as project managers or study directors
  • Rigorous sample tracking and handling procedures to prevent mistakes and cross-contamination
  • Transparent process flow and frequent progress updates
  • Professional project reports ready for regulatory filing
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