• GLP QPCR Services

    QPCR is a “Gold Standard” tool that is widely used to determine DNA quantity in biological samples. Avance Biosciences offers a broad range of QPCR services, including assay design, assay validation, sample testing, and technology transfer under GLP compliance to support drug research and development.

    GLP QPCR Services
Your regulatory submission project is so important to you and your organization that it is critical to select a reliable service provider for your GLP QPCR project. Avance Biosciences has the technical expertise, GLP regulatory compliance, fast turn-around time, and outstanding customer service to ensure the success of your project.

Select a Vendor

Consider the following points when you are ready to select a vendor for your next GLP compliant QPCR project:

  • Is the vendor GLP compliant? Perform an on-site quality audit or, at the minimum, perform a paper audit with a complete GLP quality questionnaire.
  • Does the the vendor develop and validate QPCR methods for GLP applications per ICH guidelines?
  • How does the vendor manage customer samples to ensure the integrity of precious clinical or preclinical samples?
  • Has the vendor done similar work before? Check if the vendor’s lead study director or study manager has the experience and reputation in the industry.
  • Avoid “black-box” organizations where no information is communicated until the project is done or in big trouble.
  • Lastly, for a large clinical or preclinical trial project, it is always a good idea to send the vendor a pilot project with a few samples to evaluate the vendor’s technical capability, report format, regulatory compliance, and quality of customer service.

Key Features

Avance Biosciences offers GLP compliant qPCR services with the following characteristics:

  • Strong experience in QPCR assay design and validation
  • Applications including absolute quantification, relative quantification, SNP genotyping, and presence/absence tests
  • Methods validated per ICH guidelines for GLP applications
  • Systematic approach in preventing cross-contamination from environment, reagents, and supplies
  • Detailed project report including description of assay, results of the quantification, and tabulation of data
  • Professional final report ready for regulatory submission
  • Most experienced staff in the industry
  • Weekly report on project progress
  • Open communication between our study directors and clients


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