Molecular biology

Avance Biosciences offers a variety of high quality and affordable custom services based on modern molecular biology techniques. We strive to relieve researchers from labor-intensive and specialized laboratory tasks.  Whether you need DNA extraction, next generation sequencing library preparation, or Southern blot analysis, Avance Biosciences is here to assist you.  All services can be performed at research grade or under GLP and GMP regulations promulgated by the US FDA (21 CFR Part 58 and Part 210/211), OECD, European Commission, or Japanese Agency.

Services for Cell Line Characterizations

The following assays are offered at Avance Biosciences to determine cell line identity, safety, and genetic stability.  Services are available at research grade, and at GLP or GMP grade.

Service Description
Plasmid Restriction Fragment Analysis Plasmid DNA isolated from bacterial cells is digested with restriction enzymes. This is followed by a gel separation. The fragment sizes are analyzed to confirm the integrity of the construct.
Retention of Selectable Marker This service determines the percentage of cells in a cell  sample that contains a selectable marker, such as an antibiotic-resistant gene.
Structure Analysis by Southern Blot The DNA of mammalian cells, yeasts, or other cells with large genome sizes is digested with restriction enzymes. This is followed by Southern blot analysis to evaluate the genetic stability of the integretion site(s) of an expression construct.
Transcript Analysis by Northern Blot The Northern Blot service detects the presence of an expressed transcript containing a sequence of interest in a cell line sample. This assay estimates the size of the transcript and reports the presence of partial transcripts.

Other Molecular Biology Services

Utilizing its staff’s years of experience in molecular biology research and development, Avance Biosciences offers the following services to assist our customers in advancing biological research.

Service Description
DNA/RNA Extraction Avance Biosciences extracts DNA and RNA from cells, viruses, blood, or tissues using various Qiagen extraction kits and other methods as necessary or as designated by the customer.
Library Preparation Generate DNA and cDNA libraries are generated for shotgun and next generation sequencing.
Cloning and Subcloning Custom cloning/subcloning from genomic DNA, mRNA, BACs, PACs and other large constructs.
Northern blot analysis Northern blotting with either radioactive probes or chemiluminescent chemistry
Southern blot analysis Southern blotting with either radioactive probes or chemiluminescent chemistry
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