Nextgen amplicon sequencing

The NGS amplicon sequencing is a powerful tool for biomarker research and diagnostic assay development. Avance Biosciences offers three different amplicon sequencing approches with a focus on scalability, speed, and cost. State-of-the-art Illumina MiSeq platform is used. GLP/GMP-compliant service is available.

One-step PCR Method

One-step PCR method requires a pair of custom designed PCR primers that include target-specific sequences, indices, and NGS adaptors. This approach is specially useful for developing diagnostic assays where routine testing of same target sequence is performed.

Two-step PCR Method

This method include two PCR steps.  The first PCR uses  primer pairs containing target-specific PCR sequences and sequence tags used as primer sites for a second PCR. The second PCR incorporates sequencing indices and library adaptors into the final amplicons ready for sequencing.   If you are interested in analyzing a few (1-3) amplicons on a large number of samples, this method the most flexibility and fast turn-around time.

Extension-ligation Method

When large number of amplicons are sequenced, the extension-ligation method is your choice. With our specially designed primer pairs, amplicons of interest are first pull-down as single-stranded fragments, which are then PCR amplified. This method allows hundreds of regions to be sequenced simultaneously while minimizing the bias of PCR.


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