As the field of advanced cell and gene therapies continues to grow exponentially, ensuring their safety and efficacy becomes paramount. Biodistribution studies, which evaluate the distribution of viral vectors and transgenes in the body, play a crucial role in pre-clinical pharmacokinetics and toxicity assessments. Avance Biosciences™ is at the forefront of providing comprehensive and reliable biodistribution testing services to support customers developing these groundbreaking therapies.

Unraveling the Journey Within

Understanding the biodistribution of viral vectors and transgenes is essential to assess how these therapies interact with the body and potentially impact various tissues and organs. Avance Biosciences™ recognizes the significance of these studies and offers a range of services to meet the specific needs of customers developing advanced cell and gene therapies.

Comprehensive Biodistribution Testing

Avance Biosciences™ provides both GLP and Non-GLP (research-grade) testing services, ensuring flexibility in meeting regulatory requirements based on the stage of development. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as qPCR, ddPCR, and NGS, our team delivers accurate and reliable results for biodistribution studies.

qPCR Biodistribution Assay Development and Validation

With nearly three decades of experience, Avance Biosciences™ specializes in qPCR assay development, validation, and sample testing for biodistribution studies. Our team of experts designs and validates TaqMan assays tailored to the specific needs of each customer, ensuring high sensitivity and specificity in detecting and quantifying target genes or viral vectors.

Reliable Sample Testing

Avance Biosciences™ has a proven track record in handling large quantities of animal tissue samples efficiently and accurately. Our state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure and standardized protocols guarantee the integrity of samples throughout the testing process. We follow GLP and GMP guidelines to ensure compliance, data traceability, and regulatory confidence.

Expertise in Advanced Therapies

We understand that customers developing advanced cell and gene therapies face unique challenges. Avance Biosciences™ has worked extensively with big pharma and biotech companies on a variety of innovative therapies, including viral vector-based gene therapies, cell-based immunotherapies, and gene editing therapies. Our expertise spans across different therapeutic modalities, enabling us to provide tailored solutions for each project.

Data Integrity and Confidentiality

At Avance Biosciences™, we prioritize data integrity and confidentiality. Our secure data management protocols, including restricted access and secure storage, safeguard our customers’ proprietary information. We respect the sensitive nature of our customers’ research and ensure utmost confidentiality at every step.

Avance Biosciences™ is committed to supporting customers in their journey to develop safe and effective advanced cell and gene therapies. Our biodistribution testing services, including qPCR, ddPCR, and NGS, coupled with our extensive experience in assay development and sample testing, provide a comprehensive solution for evaluating the biodistribution of viral vectors and transgenes. With a focus on data integrity, compliance, and confidentiality, we strive to be the trusted partner for customers seeking to enhance the safety and efficacy of their advanced therapies.

Contact Avance Biosciences™ today to learn more about how our biodistribution services can support your cell and gene therapy development needs. Together, let’s revolutionize the future of medicine.

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Biodistribution Testing