Avance Biosciences specializes in assay development, validation, and sample testing services supporting our clients for their drug development initiatives and GMP manufacturing activities.  We are a leader in applying state-of-art technologies, such as next generation sequencing (NGS) and digital droplet PCR (ddPCR), to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of biologic tests.

Join Us At Onco Cell Therapy Summit
July 7-9 – Online

Onco Cell Therapy Summit (OCTS), formerly the CAR-T Congress, is an event that brings industry together to share novel research, manufacturing techniques and regulatory best practice. Each session of OCTS 2020 is dedicated to translating your novel data assets & IP into commercially viable oncological therapies.

OCTS is a 4-track event and whilst bringing together the key decision makers for CAR-T therapies, this year’s event will have an added focus on the ground breaking science that is driving the surge of interest in harnessing alternative cell therapies in cancer treatments.

  • CAR-T R&D

  • Alternative Cell Therapies

  • Vein-to-Vein Commercialization

  • Regulation and Safety

Avance offers cell therapy genomic testing services supporting CAR/TCR development and manufacturing

Avance Biosciences provides assay development, validation and sample testing services for lot release of manufactured T-cells and for monitoring copy number of target genes in patients’ blood during clinical trials.

When you partner with Avance Biosciences, we give you undivided attention, share our experience and knowledge, and respond to your needs in a timely manner. Contact our technical staff to discuss how we can support you in your project!