Avance Biosciences offers a variety of microbiology services for microbial cell line characterization and cGMP biologics manufacturing support.  All services can be performed at research grade or under GLP and GMP regulations promulgated by the US FDA (21 CFR Part 58 and Part 210/211), OECD, European Commission, and Japanese agency.


The following assays are available at research grade, and at GLP or GMP grade.

Service Description Price
Bacteria ID by API 20E The API 20E test kit from bioMerieux, Inc, in addition to the oxidase test are offered for the identification of E. Coli and other enteric bacteria at the species level. Get a quote
Bacteriophage Testing This service tests for the presence or absence of lytic phage contaminants in bacterial cell banks.  Get a quote
Bacteriophage Testing with Mitomycin C Induction Mytomycin C is used to induce the development of an active phage from the prophage state, if present, of a lysogenic bacterium.  Get a quote
Bacteriophage Titer Determination If bacteriophages are present in a sample, the concentration of phages can be determined by evaluating a series of dilutions of the samples.  Get a quote
Cell Culture Morphology Test Test sample is plated and colony morphology is observed and identified using an electronic microscope  Get a quote
Gram Staining Bacteria are stained with dyes to differentiate Gram-positive bacterias from Gram-negative bacteria. Gram stain and cell shape will both be utilized for sample identity and purity.  Get a quote
Microbial Cell Viability Test Cell line sample is stained with trypan blue and the percentage of viable cells is calculated from the number of viable cells counted in relation to the total number of cells observed.  Get a quote
Retention of Selectable Marker This service determines the percentage of cells in a cell  sample that contains a selected marker, such as an antibiotic-resistant gene. Get a quote

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