Genotyping Services

Genotyping is a critical component of clinical studies, offering insights into genetic variations that influence disease susceptibility, treatment response, and patient stratification. Several advanced techniques are employed to achieve precise and comprehensive genotyping, each with unique strengths suited to different research needs.

Our Expertise

Avance Biosciences has a long history of providing various genomic services for genotyping to support clinical studies. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of advanced techniques, including End-Point PCR, qPCR TaqMan Assay, Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR), Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Amplicon Sequencing, and Sanger Amplicon Sequencing. This proficiency ensures that we can deliver accurate and reliable genotyping results tailored to the specific needs of clinical trials. By leveraging our extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies, our genomics testing labs provide comprehensive support to our clients, facilitating the successful execution of their genotyping requirements in clinical research.

What We Offer

Testing Service



Cost effective and reliable method, ideal for screening known genetic variants and confirming the presence of specific alleles

Real-Time PCR TaqMan Assay

Highly specific method, used for SNP genotyping, copy number variation analysis, and detecting rare mutations


High sensitivity and resistant to PCR inhibitors, useful for detecting low-abundance mutations, with quantitation if needed.

NGS Amplicon Sequencing

Ability to detect multiple mutations in a single run, ideal for multiplexed SNP genotyping, mutation discovery, genetic diversity profiling.

Sanger Amplicon Sequencing

Well-established method with high accuracy, used for precise genotyping and detecting small indel.

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