Nextgen sequencing

Avance Biosciences offers a series of next generation sequencing services based on Illumina’s state-of-the-art deep sequencing technology. We focus on providing custom solutions to our customers through solid science and close collaboration.

MiSeq Sequencing

MiSeq is a powerful sequencing platform capable of performing a variety of sequencing applications.  Please contact Avance Biosciences to discuss your project needs.  We offer MiSeq for GLP and GMP applications as well!
Service Description Price
Custom Amplicon Sequencing DNA is extracted from tissues, including FFPE tissues. Amplicons are generated using either Illumina’s custom amplicon kit, or a two-step or  single-step PCR that adds sequencing primers and index sequences. Get a quote
16S rRNA Sequencing PCR amplicons are generated from 16S rRNA and sequenced on Illumina’s MiSeq platform. Variations between different pooled microbial samples are used for microbial identification and metagenomic analysis. Get a quote
Adventitious Viruses Sequencing Viral DNA or RNA is extracted and a DNA library is prepared for MiSeq sequencing.  Both de novo assembly and reference mapping analysis are available. Get a quote
De novo Bacterial Sequencing A nextgen sequencing library generated from bacterial genomic DNA is sequenced on MiSeq with 2 x 150 paired-end sequencing. De novo assembly is available. Get a quote
SmallRNA and microRNA Sequencing Discover and profile microRNA and other non-coding RNA on any organism with unprecedented sensitivity and dynamic range. Get a quote
Cancer Panel Sequencing This multiplexed sequencing service utilizes Illumina’s Cancer Panel to detect somatic mutations within important cancer-related genes, including BRAF, KRAS, and EGFR. Get a quote

HiSeq Sequencing

Other next generation sequencing services using Illumina’s high throughput sequencing platforms are offered at Avance Biosciences.
Service Description Price
DNA Sequencing – de novo and Resequencing A DNA library is prepared through fragmentation, adaptor ligation, and amplification. Deep sequencing is performed on HiSeq or GAIIX. Both de novo assembly and reference mapping analysis are avaliable. Get a quote
Transcriptome Sequencing RNA-Seq is performed to identify all mRNA transcripts expressed in a biological sample and precisely measure the relative quantities of each transcript including each isoforms with different splicing patterns. Get a quote
Exome/Targeted Sequencing Exomes or other selected genome regions of interest are captured through commercial enrichment tools. This is followed by deep sequencing on Illumina’s next generation sequencing platform. Get a quote

Key features

Our experienced project managers follow your order every step of the way, starting from your sample submission and ending with your final data, ready for publishing.
  • DNA/RNA extraction
  • Library preparation
  • Cluster generation and sequencing
  • Data analysis
  • In-depth data analysis
Contact our customer service to discuss your next generation sequencing needs and obtain a no-obligation quote.