Phage contamination of bacterial cultures is a common complication for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The presence of phage in cultures can bias results by interfering with bacterial identification and isolation. Phage are not susceptible to antibiotic treatments and therefore difficult to remove from infected cultures of bacteria. Being ubiquitous and abundant, phage can become a serious problem for companies using microbial cell lines to produce recombinant products.

Regulatory agencies require companies using microbial cell lines that produce products for human use to regularly complete biosafety testing to ensure that cell banks are free of phage contamination. (US FDA (21 CFR Part 58 and 210/211) Both master cell banks (MCB), and end of production cell banks (EOP) must be tested regularly for phage contamination. The testing frequency varies between products and is regulated on a case by case basis by the applicable regulatory agency.

Avance Biosciences offers comprehensive services for bacterial cell lines for all stages of production under cGMP/GLP regulatory compliance. Negative and positive controls will be plated along with the test articles.


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All Avance Services Include

  • Experienced scientists functioning as project managers or study directors

  • Controlled laboratory environment to prevent cross-contamination

  • Rigorous sample tracking and handling procedures to prevent mistakes and cross-contamination

  • Methods validated per ICH GLP/GMP guidelines – also research grade testing available

  • Projects customized and tailored to suit your needs

  • Independent quality unit assuring regulatory compliance

  • Transparent process flow and weekly report on project progress

  • Professional project reports ready for regulatory filing

  • Fast turn-around time & Competitive pricing

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Dedication to Quality

Dedication To Quality

The Avance Biosciences team is committed to strict adherence to cGMP and GLP regulations enacted by the US, European, Japanese, and other international regulatory agencies.


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Open Communication

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience working with scientists, QA/QC professionals, and project managers from over 100 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and organizations throughout the world.


Open Communication

Open Communication

Transparency and integrity are two of our core values. Our well-trained, friendly, and professional study directors and project managers strive to complete your projects on-time with open communication channels and to your specifications.


Cutting Edge Science

Open Communication

Avance Biosciences’ cGMP/GLP compliant genomic and microbial assays make use of the advanced technologies including real-time PCR, ddPCR, Sanger sequencing, next-gen sequencing, Southern blot, and more.