Pharm Tech Outlook, a highly respected pharmaceutical/biotech industry magazine, has recognized Avance Biosciences™ as a top 10 Genomics Solutions Company for 2020.

Avance Biosciences™

Genomic technologies and their usage have seen extensive growth in the past decade. Over the years, these technologies have evolved significantly and can now be used to develop new classes of therapeutics such as gene therapies and viral based vaccines. However, scientists and pharma companies have been continuously analyzing how to confirm that these genomic based therapies are not only effective but as equally important safe. And next-generation sequencing seems to be one of the solutions to their needs. In the complex genomic research landscape, which calls for access to in-depth information, next-generation sequencing has become the go-to solution widely used by research organizations. A company that has made a mark in this context is Avance Biosciences™.   (read more…)

Avance Award