mRNA Analytical Development Summit

Avance Provides GLP/GMP Compliant Assays To Support Your
mRNA Drug Discovery and Development

Avance Biosciences™ is a world-leading CRO providing advanced and customized assay solutions to facilitate your biotherapeutic products’ research and development.

With several years of experience supporting a world-renowned mRNA COVID-19 vaccine company with raw material and drug substance release, Avance Biosciences™ is well-positioned to provide industry-leading assay design, validation, and sample testing services that advance our clients’ mRNA therapeutic…

Our Extensive Portfolio of RNA Therapeutics AnalysisServices
mRNA DS/DP Testing (CGMP) Preclinical/Clinical Testing (GLP or non-GLP) E. coli Cell Bank and Plasmid Testing (GMP)
ID, Size, Quantification mRNA/LNP Biodistribution Study Lytic phage detection
Ratio Testing mRNA Expression Analysis Lysogenic phage detection
Residual Plasmid Testing mRNA Human PK Study Strain Identification
Protein ID Species ID
Encapsulation Efficiency Gram Staining
dsRNA Detection Viability Testing
Potency Assay Purity Testing
Stability Assay Marker Retention Testing
Mycoplasma Testing Plasmid ID
Endotoxin Testing Plasmid Copy Number
Custom Assays Restriction Digest

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