Download the Tech Note: GUIDE-Seq/iGuide for
CRISPR On/Off Target Analysis

  • This essential guide dives deep into the methodology and application of GUIDE-Seq/iGuide, a powerful technique utilized by gene and cell therapy developers to analyze on/off-target effects of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing.
  • Learn how GUIDE-Seq/iGuide provides invaluable insights into the specificity and accuracy of the CRISPR system, aiding in the selection of optimal gRNA, nucleases, and CRISPR conditions while ensuring the safety of gene-editing-based therapeutics.
  • Explore the step-by-step process of GUIDE-Seq/iGuide, from Cas9 cleavage and dsDNA tagging to library preparation, NGS, and data analysis.
  • Discover critical success factors and leverage Avance Biosciences’ extensive experience as a licensed GUIDE-Seq service provider to propel your CRISPR gene editing endeavors forward.
  • Download the whitepaper now to revolutionize your approach to on/off-target analysis and enhance the safety and efficacy of your gene and cell therapy products.