Download the Tech Note: Phage Testing of Bacterial Cultures

Download our whitepaper on “Phage Testing of Bacterial Cultures” to understand the critical importance of mitigating phage contamination in biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Learn about the lytic and lysogenic life cycles of phages, their role in bacterial biology, and the challenges they pose to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries due to contamination. Phage presence in cultures can significantly skew results, posing challenges in bacterial identification and isolation. Due to their resistance to antibiotics, phages are notoriously difficult to eradicate, making them a serious concern for companies utilizing microbial cell lines for recombinant products. Regulatory agencies mandate regular biosafety testing to ensure phage-free cell banks, with Avance Biosciences offering comprehensive phage testing services, including lytic and lysogenic testing with rigorous controls. With our expertise in phage testing and next-generation sequencing, we guarantee accurate identification and quantification of phage contamination, safeguarding the integrity of your bacterial cell lines. Download now to learn more about our specialized testing solutions.