Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a small, non-pathogenic, and non-enveloped virus that has become an important tool for gene therapy research and applications. AAV is a type of virus that requires a helper virus (such as adenovirus) to replicate, and it has a high degree of stability and safety, as it does not integrate into the host genome and does not cause any known disease in humans.

AAV vectors have been used to treat a range of genetic diseases, including hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, and inherited blindness, among others. AAV vectors have also been used in preclinical studies for cancer immunotherapy and vaccine development.

AAV viral ID testing by next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a powerful tool for identifying and characterizing AAV genomes in a sample. It provides a comprehensive view of the viral genome and can identify variants or mutations that may be present. This information is useful for optimizing the design of AAV vectors for gene therapy applications and can help improve the safety and efficacy of AAV-based gene therapies.

  1. Determine the titer or concentration of AAV in the sample. This information is critical for calculating the amount of AAV needed for gene therapy experiments or manufacturing of AAV-based gene therapy products.
  2. Confirm the purity of AAV vector preparations. AAV vectors are typically purified from cell cultures using various techniques, and it is important to ensure that the final product does not contain contaminants that could affect its safety and efficacy. AAV viral ID testing can be used to confirm that the final product contains only AAV and not other types of viral or bacterial contaminants.
  3. Quality control testing during the manufacturing process of AAV-based gene therapy products. This testing ensures that the final product meets the required quality standards and is safe and effective for use in clinical trials or in the clinic.

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