Avance Biosciences™ offers Sanger sequencing to support our clients worldwide for their drug development and manufacturing activities. The FDA continues to require the completion of two-fold double stranded Sanger sequencing for genomic identity of biologics produced from cell lines via integrated or non-integrated vectors. Avance Biosciences™ experienced scientists can execute DNA sequencing techniques of all complexities including difficult templates, viral, bacterial and genomic DNA, as well as projects tailored to your needs

Plasmid DNAs are separated from cells and used as sequencing template to delineate the sequence of either the whole plasmid or that of a gene(s) of interest.
Amplicon Sequencing PCR products of same gene(s) of interest on a cohort of samples are generated, purified, and sequenced. After analysis, sequence variations, such as SNPs, can be reported.
mRNA/cDNA Sequencing RNA extracted from cell or tissue will be converted to cDNA, PCR amplified and sequenced for the purpose of verifying expressed transcript of a gene(s) of interest
Shotgun Sequencing Genomic DNA, or any DNA of large length, is randomly fragmented and then sub-cloned into a cloning vector. The subclones are random picked and sequenced. The sequence reads are then assembled to form contigs.
Primer-Walking DNA sequencing is delineated through iterative rounds of primer design and sequencing.
Viral DNA/RNA Sequencing Viral DNAs or RNAs are separated from viral particles followed by PCR or RT-PCR before sequencing reactions are performed.

CGMP/GLP Compliant
Genomics & Biological Services

  • Experienced scientists functioning as project managers or study directors
  • Independent quality unit assuring regulatory compliance
  • Methods validated per ICH GLP/GMP guidelines – also research grade testing available
  • Rigorous sample tracking and handling procedures to prevent mistakes and cross-contamination
  • Controlled laboratory environment to prevent cross-contamination

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Dedication to Quality

Dedication To Quality

The Avance Biosciences™ team is committed to strict adherence to CGMP and GLP regulations enacted by the US, European, Japanese, and other international regulatory agencies.


Extensive Experience

Open Communication

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience working with scientists, QA/QC professionals, and project managers from over 100 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and organizations throughout the world.


Open Communication

Open Communication

Transparency and integrity are two of our core values. Our well-trained, friendly, and professional study directors and project managers strive to complete your projects on-time with open communication channels and to your specifications.


Cutting Edge Science

Open Communication

Avance Biosciences™’ CGMP/GLP compliant genomic and microbial assays make use of the advanced technologies including real-time PCR, ddPCR, Sanger sequencing, next-gen sequencing, Southern blot, and more.